Tilt 365 Positive Influence Predictor

Tilt 365 Assessment

We all love to get feedback, as long as it’s glowing praise.  Hearing about areas we need to improve isn’t usually so pleasant. Much of the feedback we get face-to-face tends to be watered down and vague, making it more confusing and less actionable than it should be.  A 360-degree feedback assessment is an important part of everyone’s personal development.  You choose whose opinions are important to you and ask those individuals to complete a questionnaire, typically a 20-30 minute task done online.  Their ratings and comments are anonymous and aggregated in a report, usually for your eyes only.

Most 360-degree assessments measure competencies, specific knowledge and skills a leader has built over a career.  But these are just the must-haves, the standard expectations of someone who has beaten out competition to land a leadership role.  The real differentiating traits are those that will add or detract from performance because of the climate created by the leader’s character.  In other words, who you are being as you lead, as opposed to your management skills or technical capabilities.

The Tilt 365 Positive Influence Predictor answers questions like “How am I showing up as a leader?” and “How can I achieve my vision?” by asking your boss, peers, direct reports and strategic partners about your ability to gain support by establishing:

  • Credibility and execution, through solid analysis of the business case and clear understanding of priorities;
  • Positive relationships and community, through lowering others’ defenses and building trust;
  • Respect and momentum, through confident decision-making and forwarding action;
  • Motivation and a compelling basis for change, through receptivity and creativity.

You learn how the people who rate you see your strengths across 48 distinct commendable traits, where you tend to overuse these strengths, and what blind spots you might have.  You could even discover strengths you weren’t aware of and learn how you can use them more effectively.  Elaborating comments tell you even more.

You are probably “tilted” in some way.  Most of us are.  But leaders need followers and supporters, and to inspire people to follow and support you, you’ll need to be balanced in all facets of leadership.   A character-based, 360-degree assessment reveals how you’re perceived, which is invaluable information for leaders who want to be the best they can be in working toward the best results they can get.