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Get in touch with me and tell me what’s on your mind.  We’ll have a conversation that will help us pinpoint your needs and begin to identify ways to address them.  From our first contact to beyond wrap-up, it’s a partnership.  I’m always open to new ideas, and I’m flexible.  I also have years of experience and have found the following approaches to be very effective.

Executive Coaching

If you’re interested in one-on-one coaching for yourself, typically the next step will be for us to have a “get to know you” conversation.  I’ll learn more about you and your coaching goals; you’ll hear about me and how I work; and we’ll decide if we can work well together.  You’ll likely get a taste of coaching during this conversation, which is complimentary.  If you like, I’ll recommend another coach or two for you to talk with to help you find a good fit.  Once you’re ready to go, the next step is to design how we’ll work together, including schedule, logistics, cost, etc., and equally important, our expectations of each other.

In our first couple of sessions, we’ll firm up your goals for coaching.  If appropriate, the two of us will meet with your sponsor or supervisor to get input into those goals.  Depending on your needs, I may administer a 360-degree feedback assessment and/or other self-assessments to help you understand who you are and how you’re perceived.  We’ll have progress checks along the way to make sure you’re getting what you need, and toward the end of the agreement term, we’ll talk about how you’ll continue your growth going forward.


Leadership or Succession Plan Coaching

If you’d like coaching for a high-potential leader or emerging talent identified in a succession plan, the process is generally the same as above, except where more involvement with the individual’s supervisor, and possibly HR or other sponsors, is appropriate.  If the individuals are participating in a formal leadership development program, coaching will be designed around the program goals and schedule.


Team Coaching, Strategic Planning or Team Building

If you’d like help with your team, and we agree on how we’ll work together, I’ll often do a needs assessment, which includes interviewing members of the team and a few other stakeholders.  I will use what I learn to design a solution to meet those specific needs.  Occasionally, this is a multi-step process, with each session or activity building on the last until you have the results you’re looking for.  Often one session will accomplish your objectives.  I always evaluate the process to help you plan for the future.


Leadership Training

If you want to offer a leadership development program or training, my approach is nearly identical to how I address team situations, described above.  We always work together.

Where I Am

I’m located in Chapel Hill, NC, but with the help of Skype and the airlines, I serve clients from all parts of the world.  If you happen to be in the Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill area, much of our conversations can be done face-to-face.   I also work with a select few coach and consultant colleagues who might be better able to meet your situational or geographical needs, in which case, I will freely recommend them.