Six Advisors

6 Advisors Assessment

Every minute of every day, people make choices.  Right now, you are making a choice about whether to continue reading this paragraph.  Many of your choices aren’t at a conscious level, but are made on automatic pilot, governed by habitual messages you send yourself.  While this simplifies life quite a bit, occasionally we make choices that aren’t so good.

Because a belief leads to a behavior and that behavior leads to a result, what you believe merits examination. The Six Advisors assessment helps you see where your automatic thoughts are balanced and healthy and where they may not be.  You learn to hear the ever-present voice in your head that says, “My ideas are so much better than theirs!” or “I’m not smart enough to do this job!” and then make a conscious choice whether to believe it.  Sometimes you have to experience the same result time and again before acknowledging the need for a new belief.  Six Advisors points out the specific messages you might be sending yourself that are keeping you stuck in a repetitive cycle.

Working through your Six Advisors assessment results with a coach helps you hear your habitual thinking patterns, choose whether to pay attention to them or to dismiss them, and replace those that are unbalanced with more rational beliefs to act on.  It’s all about getting the results you want without driving yourself and others crazy in the process.