Harrison Suitability Assessment

Assess_HarrisonEmployee selection is one of the most critical responsibilities of a leader.  Get it right and you’ve got someone who adds enormous value.  Get it wrong and you’ve wasted precious time and money, yourself from other priorities, and possibly damaged morale.  People succeed in new roles because they are eligible and they are suitable.  Eligibility means having the right mix of skills and experience, some of which a resume and references substantiate.  Suitability means having the right personality traits, interests, and preferences of tasks and work environment.  If you can accurately determine suitability through interviews alone, you’re a genius.  For most leaders, it’s a risky guessing game.

The Harrison Suitability Assessment  is used in selecting and developing your most important resource, and it works by matching the individual to the role.  Together with a coach, you profile the role, including its priorities, the environment it provides, and how time is generally spent.  Then you compare that with the individual’s profile or with a number of candidates together.  You can even use the tips for positioning a job offer or follow the interview guide that come with the report.   For someone you’re developing in a current role or for the next one, the Harrison can give you a full development plan report and a guide to career planning so your people know exactly where to focus their efforts.

For example, the demands for innovation, self-motivation and autonomy are growing rapidly.  If those needs are important to the role you’re planning for, the Harrison will help you decide which of the available combination of traits and preferences fits best.  In this case, essential factors include High Optimism and Risk-taking, but you’ll actually want to see lower scores on Preference for Structure and Relaxed Style.

The Harrison works with teams as well.  As the leader, you need to really know who your people are and what they bring to the party.  The better grasp you have of the diversity of traits and preferences of your team members, the better equipped you are to optimize the mix.  With the Harrison Assessment Team Paradox Report, the focus is less on role suitability and more on how to make the most of what each person contributes to the team.  And you’ll need that in order to get the results you’re after.